Nowy Tomyśl is one of the youngest towns in Wielkopolska. It doesn’t mean, however, that there are no interesting monuments to see. Those places emphasize the unique character and individuality of the city. The touristic and historical trail around Nowy Tomyśl was created for both visitors and local people. The route runs along 29 spots It runs along 29 points – places important to Nowy Tomyśl in terms of historical and tourist destination. Therefore, the guided tour covers the entire town which is prepared in two versions of the route: the shorter blue one and the longer – red. Owing to a conveniently drawn and labeled routes, each individual can explore our town. All sites included in the trail information board are accompanied with a brief description of the object in three languages​​: Polish, English and German. Tables were also given a special QR code which when scanned on a mobile phone show an extended description of the place.

Nowy Tomyśl tour begins at Niepodległości Square. Moved back to the early nineteenth century, we would see the image of the place quite different than it is now. Two-storey and single-storey homes prevailed around the former New Market Square, emphasising the design of the new City Hall. The market around the central building of the town was a place for the fairs which gathered people from villages around the town. Let’s get back to the present and start the tour from the first information sign. Following a quote of a famous moviemaker “a good film should start with an earthquake which ought to be followed by rising tension” – the city route begins with something extraordinary, and then the tension only rises.